Thing #69 completed: Get my colours analysed / House of Colour review

Last week I went over to Cheltenham to spend the morning with Sian Davis of House of Colour Gloucestershire. My lovely family bought me a voucher for a colour analysis for my birthday and I was quite nervous about what the results would tell me – would it mean I’d have to ditch all my black clothes?! here’s my House of Colour review … and the crossing off of thing #69!

Well yes, that was the conclusion! I spent a few hours with Sian and another lady working out which colours we looked best in. It’s an interesting process. First Sian went through some basic colours to work out if we were cool or warm people – basically whether we looked best in bluer or yellower shades. Sian had lots of swags of different coloured material which she laid on my chest, just under my chin. At first I couldn’t see any difference to how I looked with one blue or another, but gradually I could appreciate that my appearance actually did seem to change depending on the colour she used – for example, my cheeks are naturally quite red and some colours made them look even redder while others toned them down a bit; some colours brought out the weird greeny-blue of my eyes too. Eventually Sian decided I was “warm” ….which meant I was either a spring or an autumn person. The autumn colours looks decidedly like the colours my nanna always wore …!

So Sian tried out some more colours to ascertain if I was a spring or summer and the conclusion was obvious – I was an autumn person!! Aieeeee!

Next Sian applied some make up to me to fit with my new autumn colour scheme. I rarely wear lipstick – probably because I’ve never found a colour to suit – but with the right colour chosen I actually really liked the way I looked!!

Once I was made up Sian went through all the colours in the autumnĀ  palette to determine which ones I would look stunning in, and which would be good for tops or scarves but not for an overall look. I was quite pleased the browns and lime greens weren’t the top colours … and delighted to find the colours I look best in are teal, petrol blue and purple …. which are the colours I tend to wear anyway! The conclusion was I am a “dark blue autumn” and I can live with that.

But … shock horror …. there’s NO BLACK in my palette! Instead I need to look for dark chocolate brown clothes … OH NO!

I came home from the colour analysis session and took everything out of my wardrobe. House of Colour give you a wallet with swatches of “your” colours in it so I went through all my clothes, sorting them into piles of things that were the right colours and things that weren’t. All the “right” clothes went back into the wardrobe, and then I sorted the remaining mountain into things I often wear that I can’t bear to part with – just yet – and stuff that I rarely/never wear that’s the wrong colour, which is now in a bag ready for the charity shop/ebay. I thought I’d be left with nothing but fortunately I still have plenty of clothes left!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to my next shopping trip, when I will take the wallet and find clothes I know I will look good in!


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