I wish I lived near the sea

We're currently spending a few days in Devon, visiting Steve's family. It's not a part of the world I know well – apart from these occasional trips to the Torquay area I've never been here before. The weather has been pretty poor, but yesterday afternoon we ventured out to Teignmouth for a walk along the beach. It was grey and windy and the rain started on our walk back, but I still had fun … Because the sea seems to have a magical effect on me.

As a child we always holidayed in Cromer, on the Norfolk coast. For many years I've harboured a desire to move to Cromer one day – but recently I've realised that its not Cromer specifically that appals to me (though in many ways it does, as it feels like my spiritual home) but the coast. When we went to New Quay in Wales this summer I felt almost as at home, as I did on a recent trip to Brighton and yesterday in Teignmouth. And the connecting factor there is the sea … So my desire must be to live by the sea, or at least close enough that I can jump in the car and be there in a few minutes.

I've been writing my next 101 things in 1001 days list and “Live by the sea” isn't on there … though I'm pretty sure it will make an appearance on future lists. At present we need to be where we are currently living – about as far from the sea as possible – to get Dan finished in school. But give it five years or so and I'll be free to move … And I have a sneaky feeling wherever I end up will be within the sound of the sea.


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