Progress photos, 10 months on

On the DDP Yoga app you can upload photos in 6 different poses, so you can monitor your progress over the months. I’ve had a request to show the photos, to demonstrate how much difference DDPY has made to my flexibility – so here they are!

2017-03-08 15.34.03 2017-03-08 15.34.09 2017-03-08 15.34.14 2017-03-08 15.34.22 2017-03-08 15.34.25 2017-03-08 15.34.30


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2 thoughts on “Progress photos, 10 months on”

  1. Thanks for an excellent review, I have the app and am on week 6 and as you say, I am enjoying it greatly, I too discovered it when searching for an online personal trainer, and haven’t looked back. Your blog has given me an excellent insight into something I am rapidly becoming an evangelist for. FYI I’m down 11 lbs in the time I’ve had it but like you have added to the programme on occasions.
    Will you be going to any of the workshops on his upcoming tour of UK?

  2. Glad you’re enjoying it! Yes, I am going to the Birmingham workshop. Very excited about it!

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