Review: The Lewis Man

The Lewis Man
The Lewis Man by Peter May

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A murder mystery set in the Scottish Highlands. When a body is pulled from a peat bog it’s assumed it’s an ancient find but the discovery that the body sports an Elvis tattoo puts a whole new complexion on the case. Enter ex-copper and returning islander Fin, back from the mainland after the tragic death of his son. When Fin’s childhood sweetheart’s father is implicated in the murder he decides to get involved. As the case gets more and more confusing, the ramblings of a man suffering dementia may hold the key …

Really enjoyed this thoughtful, if slightly slow paced crime novel, which had lots of quirks and twists in the tale. While I worked out most of the story there were a couple of big surprises near the end, and I finished the book feeling satisfied. Already bought the first book in the trilogy (this is the second, and was a Kindle freebie).

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