Review: Wedding Tiers

Wedding Tiers
Wedding Tiers by Trisha Ashley
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Having read and enjoyed Tricia Ashley’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” I had high hopes for this book – but was sadly disappointed. The storyline itself was okay, a bit soppy but I didn’t expect much more, and the characters were likeable enough, but the style of writing really annoyed me. To start with, conversation was used as a tool to bring characters’ back stories into the novel, but it meant that much of the conversation was then very stilted and unnatural – I really don’t think that friends since childhood would be talking to each other about past events in the way they did. There was also a lot of repetition – for example, it was mentioned that following the death of Libby’s Italian husband his brother had taken over the family restaurant business, but then every time the brother was mentioned it was along the lines of “Giovanni, who heads the family business after Joe’s death …”. AARGH! I’m an intelligent woman, I can remember thing, you already told me that twice! So annoying! I also found it really twee … The minute I read the name of the magazine Josie writes for – “Skint Old Northn Woman” – I could feel my twee-ness radar close to exploding.

I did persevere with the book but found it increasingly frustrating and It’s possibly put me off reading more by this author in future …. Sorry!

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