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Thought I’d do a quick post recommending some companies that have impressed me over the last few weeks.

The first is Richard Lock of RHL Associates. I know Richard through 4Networking and he did some presentation skills training with me a few months ago when I was preparing a 10 minute 4sight presentation. He helped me hugely, so when my brother asked me to do a reading at his wedding I knew I needed to see Richard again! He helped me unpick the reading and slow down my delivery so it sounds more like a story than a station announcement. I’m hugely grateful to Richard for the time he has spent with me and would recommend him to anyone who isn’t comfortable with public speaking.

The second company is Pretty Kitty in Wantage. This lovely new shop sells good quality second hand women’s  clothing, jewellery and bric a bra, and it is the proverbial treasure trove! Shop manager Lynne has a real eye for style and the shop is beautiful to browse in and not nearly as pricey as it should be. The shop is in Wantage up the passageway next to Costa Coffee and is well worth a visit.

Finally a quick mention for the racing school at Rockingham. I bought Steve a Ferrari drive for Xmas and we went up the other week for him to do it. We didn’t realise that there would be drives available on the day, so as well as taking a Ferrari 360 to the tracks, he also drove an awesome Holden V8 touring car, which beat every other car on the track! I hadn’t taken my driving licence, but Steve bought me three laps with a not-so-tame racing driver round the track and it was exhilarating, he put the back end out on every corner, spun and skidded round, and experience never to be forgotten!! The whole morning was very well organised with both drivers and spectators kept informed about everything that was going on. Worth a look if you’re a petrol head!

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2 thoughts on “Some recommendations”

  1. What hours is your shop Pretty Kity in Wantage open and have you a phone number
    Many thanks

  2. Not my shop …. it’s actually run by a friend of my mum’s. I don’t know their opening house but the phone number is 07527 930296. Hope that helps!

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