The BBB Club and my dream life

Today I attended the first session of The BBB Club run by life coach and counsellor Carrie Rose. This is a group for women to explore who they are and how they can make their lives bigger, bolder and better. I wasn't sure what to expect and when I discovered we were doing a visualisation exercise my heart sank because – well, because I'm just not very good at visualisation!

Carrie asked us to imagine our perfect life – where we'd be, who we'd be with, what we'd look like and what we'd be doing. Amazingly I actually managed to visualise this dream life incredibly well … In my dream life Steve and I live in Dahab (a lovely chilled out Red Sea resort in Egypt) running a beach bar, editing a monthly magazine for the ex pat/European community and spending my spare time painting, writing and snorkelling. I am a trim size 12/14 and a bit of a hippy, and we drive a pick up truck and look after several stray cats!

So now I have my dream life visualised I need to move it towards becoming reality. Obviously it's a fairly far off plan because I need to get my son through school first etc – and convince Steve it's his dream life too! But I'm going to start doing some research and make some tentative enquiries and we'll see ๐Ÿ˜€

BTW this post marks the end of a month of blogging every day, thus crossing thing #14 off my list! I've written on some pretty random topics and it's been fun doing this – sometimes I struggled to think of a topic to write about but I'm really pleased with the end results! Not sure if I'll carry on blogging every day but I'll certainly try for at least a couple a week from now on.

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