Wear Something Different: Do 1 – Swap Day

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Swap Day.

Borrow something to wear tomorrow. E.g. a friend’s scarf, partner’s shirt or child’s backpack. If you feel closer afterwards let them know.

The first “official” task of the Wear Something Different challenge. I didn’t get the email till late yesterday evening and was at home with Steve, Dan (17) and Katie (20) … Steve is even less image conscious than me, Dan is six foot tall and skinny (I’m an 18-20!) and Katie is tiny so there’s no way I’d fit into any of her clothes – but she did lend me a very nice scarf. It’s much larger than any I’d normally wear, but I found a nice way to tie it and am wearing it today. The problem is I won’t actually see anyone outside the home today, but I will perhaps wear it again tomorrow, when I have a business meeting. It has persuaded me to buy new and bigger scarves though (and I’ve already ordered one very similar to this, but in a cream and teal!).

2015-01-06 09.11.24


Excuse the manky hair – going swimming at lunchtime so haven’t washed hair or put on makeup yet!


UPDATE: I wore the borrowed scarf the next day, when I had a business meeting, and felt really confident and quite feminine for me. And the person I was meeting complimented me on my appearance!

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