Wear Something Different: Do 5 – Element of Surprise Day


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Element of Surprise Day.

Plan a crazy twist to tomorrow’s look. E.g. a ribbon, bow tie, mittens, wellies or temporary tattoo. Do one unusual thing too.

I was a bit flummoxed about this one at first. I was booked in for a workshop today and wasn’t sure what I I could wear that was a bit crazy but that would also be acceptable in polite company! I’d already decided to wear something a bit different to my usual jeans and top – a lovely blue jumper dress thing, one of those that looks like there’s a skirt under it, with leggings and boots. The outfit alone was likely to raise a few eyebrows as I knew a few people on this workshop and they’ve never seen me in anything except jeans before! But a crazy twist ….. not sure about that.

I decided to have a root around in my daughter’s jewellery box (sorry Katie! Hope you don’t mind!) – she is away at uni and I reckon everything left at home is stuff she doesn’t want any more. And I came a cross a pair of beautiful, large, teal blue feather earrings. Amazing colour – in fact, MY colour. But I don’t often wear earrings …

You see, basically I was desperate to have earrings when I was a child but my mum wouldn’t let me, but when I was 13 she had her ears pierced and said she supposed she couldn’t stop me then – but being the obnoxious teenager I was, I rebelled because I certainly didn’t want to do anything my mum had done! Eventually when I was 18 I did get my ears pierced and wore earrings a lot, until my daughter was born, when I stopped as she had a habit of pulling on them – and I’ve never really got back into the habit.

So I decided to wear these earrings today, because they are a bit big and crazy, they’re certainly not the sort of thing I’d normally wear, especially not in the day time. Someone commented on them as soon as I arrived at the workshop, and someone else told me I looked amazing, so that was a nice feeling! And I quite like wearing these mad earrings, it definitely seems to make me feel a bit more …. well, a bit more like the me I was before real life caught up with me!

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