Wear Something Different: Do 4 – Flipside Day

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Flipside Day.

Tomorrow wear the total opposite of what you’ve worn lately, as different as you dare. Plan to do one thing that’s out of character.


So today I am wearing a skirt … this is something I very rarely so because I thought I hated wearing skirts! I’m overweight and have fat thighs so in summer I actually find skirt uncomfortable … I occasionally wear a long one, and I have a lovely maxi dress I wear for special occasions, but otherwise I’m trousers/jeans (and this year, leggings) all the way.

But today I decided to wear a just-below-the-knee-length denim skirt that I bought in a job lot on ebay a few years ago, wore once and discarded as “not for me”! And you know what … I’m actually feeling very comfortable in it, and I don’t think it looks too bad either! My bigger concern was that I felt the urge to wear a brightly coloured top with it but couldn’t find anything suitable. So now I am going to wear this skirt more often, and find some other just-below-the-knee skirts too! Not sure what the out-of-character thing will be yet …

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