Why Gardening is a Great Way to Stay Active

Getting enough exercise and living a healthy life can seem easy for some, but for most of us, it can be more challenging. Exercise programmes like DDP Yoga are hugely helpful when it comes to losing weight, and other tips include drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and keeping alcohol consumption to a reasonable level.

Finding the right kind of exercise that you actually enjoy doing can be difficult, too — but it’s not impossible. For some, it’s swimming, for others it’s something like yoga. But if you’re not the type who wants to go to classes or leave your home, you can do something as simple as gardening. Here are some of the gardening tasks you can do that also double as a great way to stay active.

Potting plants

Fitness expert Laura Williams wrote that walking everywhere burns plenty of calories: “It also boosts bone density and, when you’re walking uphill you’re giving hamstrings and glutes (thighs and bum) a mini-workout too.” Gardening involves plenty of walking and moving one pot after another around your garden can double as an effective exercise. Williams notes that crouching close to the floor with a straight back is also known as an isometric squat. All the bending, stretching and lifting is good for your heart and will work all your major muscle groups.

Raking leaves


Scarborough News points out that raking leaves is one of the best (and simplest) garden exercises you can do. Raking leaves activates most muscle groups in the body, and by the time your lawn or drive is clear you will have burnt quite a few calories. Just make sure that your rake and other garden tools are well maintained and the right height for you to prevent any injuries and strains.

Mowing the lawn


It’s one of the most difficult (and boring) garden chores, but it’s also one of the best ways to put your muscles to good use. Health Host explains that the traditional push mower is one of the most effective ways to tone your legs and calf muscles. It is possible to burn up to 450 calories an hour mowing the lawn. However, you need to find the right mower for both you and your garden. The lawnmowers on Screwfix come in a variety of sizes that suit every type of garden. The larger the lawn, the harder the workout. If you have a huge lawn you can even break the mowing up into sets like you would when doing regular sets in the gym.

Growing a herb garden


If you’re looking for the more Zen way to use your garden, you can opt to build your own herb garden. Even contact with the soil can acts as an effective health and mood booster. Garden designer Mark Lane believes you will feel more encouraged to stay in the present moment when you do even a little bit of gardening. “Our breathing slows down (unless we are digging), our shoulders drop, and in no time at all the activity of gardening has been used as a stress reliever and stress releaser,” he said. Growing your own healing plants like peppermint and dandelion can be both therapeutic and practical. Ultimately, it’s a great way to keep your mind active.

Pruning your shrubs and trees


Many of the plants and trees in your garden will have hard branches and thick leaves that need muscle power to remove them. If you’re looking to tone your arms and shoulders, pruning your trees is one of the simplest ways to do it. There are numerous cordless gardening tools that can run for more than an hour — just enough time to give your arms a good workout.

Sometimes the best ways to stay fit are right under our noses. The simple act of walking around your garden, picking up dried leaves, and even harvesting your vegetables can be turned into a good workout routine. Gardening will help you exercise your abs and legs as it requires a lot of kneeling and bending. It’s also a great substitute for weight training as you lift and move pots and plant boxes around.

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