101 things … and a rant about Royals

Just realised I have a month exactly till my 101 things in 1001 days challenge ends, and a new one begins. I’ve failed miserably on a huge number of tasks and I can’t even afford to complete number 32 (Donate £5 to charity for every unfinished item on the list) so that’s another one I’ve failed. But over the next month I’m going to try and do as many outstanding things as time and money allow, and then anything I still REALLY want to do will go onto the next list, for the next 1001 days.

Number 14 on my list is to write on my blog every day for a month and, considering I like writing and am actually not bad at it, it’s scandalous that I haven’t attempted that one yet. So with exactly a month to go, this is the first of 31 posts on this blog to complete the challenge. Yeah, it means I’ve got to write on Xmas Day and Boxing Day, but I’m up to the challenge!!

So here’s a little rant …

A married man and a woman are having a baby. And she’s suffering extreme morning sickness. Hold the front page!

OK so the man is second in line to the throne, and the baby (babies?) will be third in line but come on, is it really that exciting? With any luck we’ll be a republic before they take on the mantle anyway!

I’m no fan of the Royals – bring on the revolution! – but the news that William and Kate (how come she was Kate till she became a Royal, and now she’s Catherine? Is Kate too common a name?) are having a baby has horrified me because of course we’ll hear nothing else for the next six months, and then the baby will be star of the show for months after that. Aaargh! I’m starting to think it might be time to hibernate … or emigrate! Is there any country where this isn’t going to be front page news for the foreseeable future?

Anyway, rant over. Now you know where I stand on the matter! Though personally, I’m beginning to wonder if the morning sickness isn’t as a result of the mixing of reptilian and commoner genes …

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2 thoughts on “101 things … and a rant about Royals”

  1. I have to admit I feel a bit sorry for her, just because she’s not at her 12 weeks yet, apparently, and it’s not nice to be Mrs Sicky. But also she is just being slotted into her role as breeding machine for the royals … then again, she must have known what she was letting herself in for.

    I can’t face the obsession with it, either. Ugh! Maybe they should do a series of pieces on normal women preg at the same time and the differences in treatment, care, etc. What about some women in Commonwealth countries? There would be loads of room for a good discussion on care etc. Oh, maybe not then. Just a celebrity shennanigans.

    Bring on the revolution!

  2. Hold the press! Newly married young man visits his pregnant wife in hospital! Really?! Was yesterday such a slow news day? Surely it would have been more newsworthy if he had NOT visited her.

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