#91 Make a list of 25 things I like about myself

I was going to write this in my journal on the grounds that it might come across as bragging but then I thought sod it! We all deserve to love ourselves once in a while!Totally self-indulgent, but at least now I can cross number 91 off my list!


1. I am a good mother and I have a strong bond with both my children

2. I've been through a lot (domestic violence, depression, divorce) and have not only survived but come back stronger and more resilient as a result

3. I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in

4. I don't just moan about things on Facebook; I take action

5. I try to do what I can to help other people, whenever I can

6. I am not hugely motivated by money

7. Despite my great age, I am definitely not middle-aged (and hope never to get old)

8. I love that I was finally brave enough to not worry about what people think and got tattoos/a piercing

9. I like my right foot: I used to like my left foot too till a Morton's Neuroma and hammer toe messed it up

10. I am left wing and proud of the fact

11. My eyes are green with yellow flecks but sometimes they appear to be blue; I like that they intrigue me

12. My fingers are long and my nails are long and shapely

13. My core ambition – to one day live in Cromer – hasn't changed for twenty years or more

14. I love education and am continuously learning new things

15. I'm compassionate and caring

16. I have a weird sense of humour

17. I am finally starting to understand who I really am

18. I can write really well

19. I make people cry when I speak on stage (it's a good thing, allegedly!)

20. I'm an optimist

21. When I have a good idea, I tend to throw myself into it 100% without thinking about the obstacles

22. I smile like Cameron Diaz

23. I can smoke the odd cigarette here and there without becoming a smoker

24. I flit from one hobby to the next; it means I'm a master of none, but I am interested in lots of things

25. I'm definitely a cat person, not a dog person


Hmm harder than I thought actually! But I'm quite pleased with the list overall, I'm not such a bad old thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

I challenge you to write your own list!


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