Clegg's conference speech

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I rather enjoyed Nick Clegg’s speech, but wish he’d gone further on taxes. His comment on reducing the tax burden for 9 out of 10 families implies that there’ll be tax cuts for all but the highest earners – which, don’t get me wrong, is a good thing – but why not go further? I’ve long been of the opinion that a 50% tax rate for all those earning over, say, £250,000 would put enough money into the system to help the poor, schools, hospitals etc. whilst not affecting the rich too much.

Maybe that’s a very simplistic view, I don’t know …. I guess I just get angry that some Premier League footballer earning £50K a week is paying the same percentage of tax as a fairly average earner working hard for £35,000 a year. Seems very unfair and I’m sure a higher rate tax bracket would help.

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