Gym Sunday 26th october

Sundays there’s an hour when kids can go in to the gym so the three of us went in. Luckily Katie and Dan were fairly sensible so I was able to do pretty much the whole CV programme, plus a couple of weight machines!

Treadmill – 10 mins at 5.5km/hr, gradient 5
I concentrated more on my breathing today and was able to keep my heart rate below 161 so no nasty warning lights, and I actually felt a lot more comfortable doing this than i did two days ago! I think I’ll go for 12 mins next time. Amazing how much easier it feels already.

Cycling – 7 mins, programme 6, effort 3/4
Felt much easier than on Friday – in fact, I actually increased the effort level from 3 to 4 for the last few minutes. I’m meant to keep to about 60 rpm but find a speed of 70ish more comfortable – but for the last minute I really went for it (in a bid to beat Dan distance-wise!) and touched 100rpm! Next time I’ll go for the full 10 mins on level 3.

Rowing – 1000m
The kids and I “raced” the 1000m and all finished about even – they had a faster stroke rate but I covered more distance per stroke. As with the other exercises, this also felt a bit easier and I didn’t really start struggling till the last couple of hundred metres. Next time I think I’ll try and go for two lots of 750m.

Lat pull down
3 lots of 12 reps with 15kg

Leg ??? (have to check the name of this one)
because of the problems with my right knee I do each leg separately on this one and managed the 3 sets of 12 with 5 kg on the right and 15 kg on the left. Scary how clicky my right knee is though.

Wave – 1.5 mins
Pathetic!! I find this machine difficult anyway and was pretty knackered by now. I think I need to do this one much earlier on in the routine in future.

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