Letter of praise – which completes number 47 on my list

One of the items on my infamous “list” was to send three letters of praise to companies. Two were sent ages ago, and I've just written and sent the third tonight. I can't yet give away details of the company it went to – it relates to a Xmas present and I fear naming the company will give someone a rather large clue as to what they'll be getting – but I will give them a little plug once Xmas is over.

Anyway, here's the letter I sent:

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service I received following placing an order on your website a few weeks ago. I spent one Sunday evening doing all my Xmas shopping online and placed three orders – the first with Amazon, another with a UK high street retailer with a big web presence and the third with [your company]. As I had never heard of you before I have to admit I was a little nervous about placing my order – after all, you hear so many horror stories of people being ripped off by web retailers that turn out to be non existent. I crossed my fingers as I pressed the send button and hoped that that you were a genuine company, that everything would go ok and my order would arrive in time for Xmas.

Imagine my delight when you delivered my order at 10am the following Tuesday morning – several hours before the delivery from Amazon, and over two weeks before the high street retailer order arrived. The parcel was beautifully packed, and the products were exactly as described.

I just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery and the care you obviously took to ensure my order arrived in one piece. I will definitely be ordering from [you] again and will be recommending you to everyone I know (but not till after Xmas, as I fear that may give away the secret of the surprise gift I bought!)

Thanks again,


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