App reviews – Fuzel (iPhone) and Blogsy (ipad)

I was looking through the Apple iPhone Apps of the Year section today and came across one called Fuzel, which looked interesting. It lets you create collages of images and though the full version is £1.49, the free version is fun to play around with. I made the Christmas collage below using it. You get a selection of layouts that you then fill with images from your photo stream and you can change the roundness of the sections, tweak the colours of each image with Instagram-like filters, change the background, the spacing etc and then share with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, save to your photos, email or even send it as a postcard for $3.99!

I am so impressed I may well purchase the full version at some point. Have to admit I'm holding off paying for apps for the time being in case Apple give them away in their 12 Days of Christmas promo that starts on Boxing Day!

While I'm talking about apps I just want to mention the one that I've been using to create all these recent blog posts – Blogsy. It costs a couple of quid but is an amazingly powerful blogging application. It works with around a dozen blogging platforms including WordPress (.com and self hosted), Blogger, Posterus and Tumblr. You need to set up your blog the conventional way but then you can add and edit posts via the app, save them offline (useful if you want to compose posts when you have no Internet) and switch between blogs easily. You can also pull in photos and videos from a host of places including your Facebook and Instagram feeds, Flickr, YouTube and any website, Browse the web and drag links in directly from the app and much more. I haven't even discovered half of what it does yet … But can highly recommend it for any iPad user!



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