I love my Kindle – but it’s a long way from perfect

For boring reasons that I won’t go into here I had to reload my Kindle with all my books today. here are around 650 in my library – most are freebies I’ve picked up because they sound interesting; there are also loads of business books on there, plus a bundle of classics, and finally quite a few books I’ve bought. And I like to have all my books on my Kindle – partly because I can, buit mainly because I like to have everything available to read whenever I want it, without the hassle of having to connect to Wifi and download it from the archive (which is another issue in itself, as we’ve just got a new router that the Kindle has ridiculous problems connecting to).

So there are two ways to move books from the archive to the Kindle – via the website or on the Kindle itself. But – and this is where I have the issue – you can only add each book individually. You’d think it would be a simple matter to go to “Manage My Kindle” on the Amazon website, click “Select all” and download the lot. Or to tick boxes to choose the ones you want to download. Or to go to an option on the Kindle that lets you move everything from the archive.

But no … you either click the Action box, then the Download box on the website – for every item – or you click the book title and then go back to the archive list on the device itself. Both ways are slow and tedious and run the risk of giving you RSI. But that’s the only way you can do it. One at a time. And when you have 650 titles in your library that’s an awful lot of time …

So this is an appeal to Amazon (not that they’ll be reading, but you never know). Come on guys – the Kindle is a marvellous device but why produce something that can, allegedly, hold around 3000 books but then make the management of these books so bloody tedious and time consuming? Aargh! PLEASE give us a one click option  ….. please!!!

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