My Morton’s Neuroma … Preparing for Surgery

Back in September 2010 I wrote an entry about my Morton’s Neuroma, which I had just had a cortisone injection for. Then in January this year I wrote an update, about how a second cortisone injection had actually damaged my toe and I was now waiting for surgery for removal of the inflamed nerve.

This is just to say my surgery is scheduled for Monday 7th April. I’m having it done under general anaesthetic, and as far as I can tell I’ll need to be completely off my feet for a few days, and will be unable to drive for 2-4 weeks at least. So I’ve cleared the boards in terms of client work, and will be taking it easy for a week or so while I get over the surgery.

What I will be doing is taking a photo of my foot every day, and reporting on how the procedure went and the recovery is going – for the benefit of anyone else dealing with the same problem.

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One thought on “My Morton’s Neuroma … Preparing for Surgery”

  1. Your posts are very helpful. I am scheduled to see a foot specialist, but, I am experiencing pain in my foot. Like a pebble under my foot when I walk.. it will be a year since my symptoms surfaced. :-/

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