Why I’ll Never Use Hermes (My Hermes) Delivery Service Again

This is a copy of a complaint I have just sent to Hermes, following the “delivery” of a parcel which was damaged beyond repair. It should explain why I’ll never use Hermes (My Hermes) delivery service again …!

I’ve recently started using Hermes for delivering items sold on ebay but am very unhappy with the service I have received.

One item was left on a doorstep in an exposed position. It was raining and the packaging got very wet, but fortunately the item was not damaged.


However, I recently sent an item via Hermes to Northern Ireland. No one was home but rather than leave a card requesting the delivery be rearranged, the driver decided to “deliver” the item to the rear of the house – which involved throwing it over a seven foot high gate, which was padlocked shut. The parcel landed on a slabbed pathway and was damaged beyond repair. (The packaging also became very soggy as it was raining.) I have tried claiming compensation but have since realised that the item contained two glass panels, which are exempt from your policy, so I have had to refund the buyer myself.

While I understand your compensation policy I don’t understand how your driver could possibly think it was a good idea to throw the item over a gate, not knowing (a) what it would land on and (b) what the item contained.

The item was securely packed in a sturdy Jiffy bag – in fact, an identical item was sent to the United States via Royal Mail’s Airsafe service and arrived four days later in perfect condition – so I don’t think there was an issue with the packaging. The problem was entirely with the fact that your employee threw the item over a fence!


On your website you promise that “You will also benefit from our industry leading first time delivery hit rate which means that the recipient won’t have to travel to a sorting office if they miss the delivery, the local courier will attempt to deliver up to three times.”
This is obviously not the case – because the courier chose not to attempt delivery a second or third time, but to “deliver” the package in their own unique devastating style.

This wanton act of idiocy by someone recruited by Hermes has left me £44.20 out of pocket and deprived a collector of a limited edition item.

I will not be using Hermes again. I certainly will not be recommending your services to anyone else. And I will be posting this complaint as an open letter on my website.

I look forward to hearing your response.

I’ll keep you posted!


UPDATE: I forgot to mention that two days ago when I first heard about the “delivery” issue I had spoken to someone from Hermes via their online chat function. Despite explaining that the glass was shattered in the item (which would suggest to me that it was “wholly or partly made of glass”) “Brian” had sent me a link to a compensation form which I filled in and submitted first thing this morning, as soon as I had all the photos as evidence. After sending my email I had a quick look at the compensation policy and realised my item wouldn’t be covered – which was why I then raised the complain you see above.

However, at 13:02 I received the following email in response to the compensation claim I submitted:


Parcel “delivered” by being thrown over a 7 foot gate onto a concrete patio ….. damaged beyond repair
Response By E-mail (Salman) (12/03/2014 01.02 PM)
Dear Alison,
We are pleased to confirm that we have today accepted your claim for £ 44.20.
•    Selling price: £ 40.00
•    myHermes postage: £ 4.20
To allow us to make payment, please provide your bank sort code and account number.  If you would prefer to do this via telephone, please contact us on 0330 333 6556.
On receipt of your bank details, please allow 3-5 working days for us to pass your details to our Finance Department.  You will receive a further email confirmation when your claim has been completed.
Kind regards
Salman Shaikh
Customer Service Advisor
myHermes Claims Department

and two minutes later, at 13:02 I received another email, this time in response to my complaint:


Very unhappy with Hermes service
Response By E-mail (Anna) (12/03/2014 01.04 PM)
Dear Alison,
Thank you for emailing myHermes.
Unfortunately, as the contents of your parcel fall under the category of items excluded from compensation, I am afraid we are unable to help in this instance.
I am sorry for the inappropriate conduct of our courier. I assure you that this is not common practice at myHermes.
I have forwarded on your comments to the appropriate field manager and we will now deal with this issue internally.
As a goodwill gesture we will refund you postage costs for this parcel.
Once again, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Customer Service Advisor
myHermes Support

So it looks like Hermes have no idea what their policy on compensation is!!


I’ve responded to the second message, from “Anna” to say that they have made themselves look completely unprofessional …. and I’ve responded to “Salman” to say thanks you and please refund the money, minus the £4.20 they have just paid into my Paypal account for the Hermes fee, to my bank account. Will see what happens next!


FINAL UPDATE: I received another email from Hermes saying that they wouldn’t normally refund but because I had been told two different things they would honour the offer to refund me … and sure enough, a week later I did get back the value of the item. So good on them for doing that …

BUT … They never did really address the issue of why their courier felt it was acceptable to throw my parcel over a seven foot fence. I had three of these items in total – one went to a London address via Royal Mail, one went to America via Airsure … those two parcel arrived in perfect condition. The third – the one I used Hermes for – arrived smashed to pieces.

So thank you for refunding my money … but Hermes, I will still never use you again.

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97 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Use Hermes (My Hermes) Delivery Service Again”

  1. Alison – is it wrong that I did actually laugh at this line? – “the driver decided to “deliver” the item to the rear of the house – which involved throwing it over a seven foot high gate, which was padlocked shut”

    Not because it is funny but at the absurdity of the situation!

    I feel sorry for you and your customer (although it was only a Manchester United item so no harm done!!!!)

    Point taken and will avoid My Hermes in future

  2. Not at all … the entire situation is laughable! Someone has pointed out to me that their couriers receive no training, but surely it doesn’t take training to know that throwing parcels over fences is not a good idea!

  3. Hi Alison, myHermes came to collect a parcel from our Post Room and instead, took a parcel that had just been delivered by Royal Mail for me. A month later, I am still waiting for it to come back or to be compensated for the loss.

  4. Hi Alison,
    Today I received a parcel in a cardboard box. As no one was home, Hermes decided to “deliver” this item behind our bin where it was rained on most of the afternoon. Unfortunately cardboard is not waterproof a fact Hermes must be unaware of.

  5. Up to their usual high standards. To his credit, the Hermes driver round here has told me he keeps a supply of bin bags in his car so if he leaves something he can cover it up. But as far as I’m aware they are meant to try to deliver three times before returning the parcel to the sender … so there shouldn’t actually be any reason to leave anything anywhere.

  6. It looks like you could have avoided all of your problems had you:

    1) paid £1 for a signature, that means a driver won’t just leave it in a safe place (over the fence)

    2) read on their website that the item was excluded in the first place.

    Got time to write a blog about it but not read the website in the first place?

    I ship over 200000 items with hermes each year, no problems for me! No more than any other carrier in the market at the moment. Great tracking and great prices.

  7. FWIW I had paid the extra pound for a signature, but that didn’t seem to make any difference to the outcome. And yes, I didn’t realise at the time of posting that the item wouldn’t be covered by their compensation policy – my mistake – BUT the whole issue was with their way of “delivering” the package – throwing it over a fence. Can you honestly say you would be so happy if any of your 200,000 parcels were lobbed over 7ft high gates rather than being left by the door or taken back for an attempt at a second delivery? I’m pleased you’re pleased with them but this was not a satisfactory what for a courier to behave and how anyone can disagree I don’t know!

    I’d also disagree with the “great tracking” comment – another parcel I sent back in December is still showing as “in transit” today despite me knowing it has been delivered!

  8. I decided to use myhermes for ebay sales too. But never again. A brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was showing as out for delivery since the first of may 2014 – i contacted the customer who said there was no attempted delivery card and no neighbour has the parcel either. So i rang myhermes who said there was no trace of it at the warehouse. Well tracking shows its out for delivery – so ask the courier. So after waiting 5 days for an update i decide to ring again – and this time they confirmed it was lost. I was kindly told that – “I” would have to file for compensation! Well they have just admitted they lost it! So i filed the claim, and i was told on twitter it would be fast tracked – i wouldnt have to wait 28 days! Guess what – 11 days later I contacted them again. What sort of fast tracking is this. Lo and behold i get an email telling me “how pleased they were” to offer me £50.

    I am disgusted. This is another customer they have lost.

  9. I asked for a parcel to be collected by hermes it was confirmed that the parcel would be collected on the 29th July2014 guest what no collection ,

    Since the non collection I have emailed Hermes requesting the courtesy of an acknowledgement to my numerious emails

    One apologetic response confirm that they would contact courier and confirmed collection within 24hrs Saturday 2nd August guess what still no collection up to 6th August 2014

    Email Hermes again on the 6th August 6times still no response

    Telphone help line 6th August finally got through Hermes Stated that coutier had gone away but hoped to find an alernative courier to collect on the 7th ten days have now elapsed and still no parcel

    Asked why email had not been replied to informed ‘they must be in our queue, and I shuold appreciate that they have systems to work to

    Resason for comment

    to make any future customers aware of myhermes unprofessionalism and lack of customer care

    Final comment Clients/ customers beware begfore using Hermes in shall in future source an alternative carrier

  10. A man went to a pet shop and bought a talking parrot. He took the parrot home, and tried to teach the parrot how to say a few things, but instead the parrot just swore at him. After a few hours of trying to teach the bird finally the man said “If you don’t stop swearing I’m going to put you in the freezer as punishment.” The parrot continued, so finally the man put the bird in the freezer. About an hour later the parrot asked the man to please open the door. As the man took the shivering bird out of the freezer it said “I promise to never swear again. Just tell me what that turkey did!”

  11. Avoid never use myhermes again. They’re a fraud delivey company. Also have very poor customer service. I had many bad experience with them. DPD is the best which I used so far.

  12. It’s the age old story that good news travels fast but bad news travels faster and that people only speak up when something goes wrong. I have used My Hermes for a while now and out of my 240 odd deliveries only 1 item has ever been damaged. I had paid for extra insurance (the item was on the covered list) I filled in the form got a mega quick response and was refunded within 2 days, in fact it was before i had even sorted out my customers refund. I am quite sure that My Hermes do not expect a driver to throw something over a gate or put any parcel at risk of damage just like the driver should have the common sense not to do so but clearly the company would not train them on ‘hurling’ parcels (I’m sure the job description does not read ‘must be able to shot put’). There will always be staff members that do wrong things and that needs addressing whatever company the people work for but to say you should never use a company again seems a bit black and white, the company aims to offer a low cost economic service (which is 99% of the time a good one) and not only is there issues with ALL courier services in one way or another there is also the fact that not everyone can afford to use dearer services just to avoid a 1% chance of something going wrong. Goodness me if all people felt that way we’d never get out of bed in the mornings. Bottom line here is that a refund was given in spite of it not being covered so they have tried to do their best and if we condem everyone for making mistakes then we’d better hope we are squeaky clean ourselves, I know I have made mistakes through my ebay selling days that has embarrassed my personal standards and I’m sure this company has made mistakes on whom they hired so no-one is blameless. It is a sad account what happened to the parcel but it could have been anyone this driver was working for as clearly HE made that decision on the day and hopefully after complaining to the company directly one must hope that the person in question has been reprimanded or fired. I certainly will carry on using My Hermes as considering the thousands and millions of parcels they deal with daily I am a realist and know that there has got to be a small percentage where it doesn’t go perfectly, we are all in fact only human and humans make mistakes.

  13. if you call 03303336556 you may be charged for the it! Our provider told us the charge was £1.05 per minute…check with your phone provider before calling them!
    By the way…trying to claim anything with My Hermes is a total pain and waste of time…I have just had an order delivered to a person without a porch but the item was…you’ve guessed it…left in their porch! I have given up trying to chase My hermes which is exactly what they wanted me to do!

  14. I used to use myhermes all the time – to get work to and from my Open University students. They were fine for a number of years – then they put their prices down to be more competitative and the service went into meltdown. One assignment went completely missing, they misdelivered to the unlocked porch of an empty house a street away (a neighbour managed to recover it, after the student went looking and knocking door to door in her car). This work represented months of hard work, some of it saved on disk, but a lot of it one off artwork. This was the only way as an Open University tutor I was allowed to send work back to students, I would not get my expenses unless I used this service. Fortunately I gave up the OU work shortly after that, but could see the problems ahead. This week I had a jukebox delivered to me via myhermes, the driver would not wait for me to open the box to see what it was, I had not remembered ordering anything online. My address label on the outside, the name and address of someone else in a different part of the country on the enclosed delivery note. Peeling off the label on the box, I spotted another one underneath, the same address as the delivery note. Myhermes had at some point in the journey printed off my details (as an old customer) and stuck over the correct label. A 0800 phone call I paid for, to the supplier who sent parcel confirmed they sent with correct label on box and order nothing to do with me! I had never ordered from them in my life. They said someone from myhermes would phone to arrange collection – they never did. The supplier eventually arranged for another courier to collect, I had to be in for this. MY phone bills, my time and huge dirty parcel in my hallway for days!

  15. Wow, am I glad I stumbled across this! Although the it WAS one of the first results google chucked at me, I’m about to lower the whole tone of this Grrrr hermes bit and be utterly female and lament the loss of shoes.. yep, that’s right the foot coverings offfered to us by designers or in my case lovely ebayers! Here is my tale of woe… One dank dark December eve a glorious shoe came to pass (for under a tenner on the ebay) Ahhhh thought my brain, that shoe is so glorious surely I must make it mine, I patiently waited and slayed many fellow shoeholics, as they sat nervously at their computermebobs, Victory was mine, the shoes sang their gratitude to me and I waited with baited breath for their glorious homecoming, and waited, and waited and yep, waited some more, it was at this point I was introduced to the “salman” you speak of (Via chat of course, as apparently phones are things of mythological past in myhermes). Apparently my coveted shoes are “with my local courier” and have been for last 8 days, My local courier must be very happy with designer shoe haul, my poor feets are so traumatised and utterly devastated that they shall never know the delights of jeffrey campbell, Sadly Myhermes cannot “deal” with me, they can only deal with “the seller” as I have no right to query the whereabouts of goods that I paid for (inc the delivery costs) and was given the tracking number for by the lovely seller, So where are my shoes? Why has my local courier got them not me? Will hermes pay for replacement? Will myhermes even give a bugger?? Yeah, thought so… Ridiculous excuse for a company – I like so I shall make it mine.. isn’t there a word for accidently on purpose mislaying very expensive goods?? Upshot, if you have anything if any value DO NOT USE MYHEREMES, My my, Here, Me’s ‘avin that… Sorry for being all horrible and mean about couriers and am pretty certain that they do not keep or misplace parcels, but myhermes need to actually take responsibility for their own failings and will probably get parcel as soon as I’ve submitted this tirade. . But, am all angry in style of hulk (without greenest obv.,)

  16. three parcels delivered by Myhermes all brought from eBay…first left behind pot…the pot being next to the front door anyone could take it and they did (seller replaced the item and was left to deal with myhermes i sent him a picture of the delivery note….second item thrown over a locked 6 foot gate…received but soaking wet packaging fortunately the packing had bubble wrap under the cardboard this managed to keep the item dry……third item left in bin…..the food waste bin….what kind of numpty does this sort of thing? complaining is a waste of time…and at the moment I’m awaiting another delivery as i type (website says with local courier for delivery)…its a
    morning and lets see if i can actually talk to the person

  17. My package was picked up by MyHermes in perfect condition but when delivered it was open on arrival and the contents of the parcel were completely destroyed. Unfortunately i have only just seen your website post, what terrible service they provide! My customer sent me pictures of the parcel when it arrived and some items where missing, the bubble wrap had dissapeared (one huge reel full) and the parcel looked as though someone deliberately opened it! Cannot believe they think this is acceptable. Unfortunately i was not refunded as my item was also excluded from the compensation list. I am speachless at their service.

  18. Problems I have experienced, to date, include:

    – items delivered to an insecure doorstep,
    – electronic items (external hard drive – value approx £60 but intended contents £priceless, smart phone/camera in obvious tell-tale packaging – value approx £350) left on said doorstep. The external hard drive outer packaging did actually get wet – fortunately the drive itself was ok,
    – items left on said insecure doorstep with no card. If someone had stolen the item I wouldn’t have known it had actually been sent until I contacted the seller after a few days (or so) delay (sellers who do not mark item shipped please take note),
    – items left on said doorstep with online tracking saying that it had been ‘left in porch’. (A) we don’t have a porch, and (B) if we did and the myHermes agent could get in – it was NOT a secure place.
    – items left with neighbours but no card left with addressee (fortunately my neighbours are trustworthy),
    – card left and item taken away despite addressee being home at time card was left (and – no, I am not deaf. MyHermes quietly shoved the card through and ran),
    – item thrown over high hedge.

    MyHermes delivery ‘service’ is so bad I would like to be able to ban the company from ever delivering anything to my address. At times I have bought items, on eBay and Amazon, telling the seller to “cancel the order if you intend to use myHermes. If you decide to use myHermes despite this warning delivery will NOT be accepted.”

    I would dearly love to see a blacklist (similar to the Telephone Preference Service) which sellers must refer to to see if a buyer despises a courier ‘service’ so much that they no longer want them anywhere near their purchases and home.

    If you are a seller, please note that if DSR applies to the sale YOU are responsible for the actions of the delivery service you choose – even though you have little or no control. I am also a seller and empathise with you. As a potential buyer, you will be added to my favourites if I ever see you state that you do NOT use myHermes, even if your prices are a little higher than your competitors.

  19. I am distraught with Hermes. I have a small business which I recently took online and choose Hermes as the courier I would use. I should have done my research first!

    I make wedding and bridesmaids dresses and I recommend to all my customers that they should have their orders at least 6-8 weeks before to make sure there are no sizing issues.

    I never thought to factor in my parcels going missing I have had 3 vanish in the same week.
    1 with a wedding gown in, sent as an international parcel it Ireland (still missing and no money back)
    1 with 7 bridesmaids dresses (still missing claim accepted but 13 days passed and no money back which also max claim is £250 and dresses cost over £350)
    1 with 4 dresses in ( which finally turned up as it was showing as delivered but not to the customer it said on trading it had been delivered to a neighbour but no card left so my customer spent 2 days knocking on people’s doors in her street with over 80 hours in till it was found in someone’s shed)
    As I offer a bespoke made to measure service it is not easy for me to just make another dress as it was suggested by on line support as I have other customers orders booked in.
    I also questioned a signature recivede by my customer as she was adamant she didn’t have her dresses and I was sent proof of a squiggle that could have been done by anyone and Hermes said we have a signature which means the customer has her order. Thankfully this was taken by a neighbour 12 doors away and it was safely returned.

    In a nut shell in the few months I have been using this company I am currently out of pocket by over £750 and yet to have a penny back from them. As a small business who doesn’t make much profit I am now currently looking at removing my online business and will be going back to dealing with local customers only as I have lost all faith in delivery services and at a serious risk of my businesses reputiaton being seriously damaged beyond repair.

  20. Frankly, any of these horror stories could have happened with any deliverer. Just get out there and look at various stories about post. I have used almost all the services for delivery and receiving parcels and I cannot really tell the difference – except with Royal Mail I know my postman. You pretty much get what you pay for – cheap service, good for books, DVDs, and indestructibles – and I’ll pay a bit more for something I want delivered with more care, insured, or with more personal service needed at the point of delivery.

    Using a cheap delivery service for everything is just plain daft. Delivery gets cheaper because the company cuts corners – that’s what makes it cheaper!

  21. I get your point – but at the same time surely however cheap the service, “delivery” should never mean lobbing a package over a seven foot high gate!

  22. I worked for hermes as a courier for 3 years until being sacked for stealing. It was infact the sub depot manager who was stealing customer returns. The managers finally realised this after sacking anoter 4 couriers for the same reason as me. The sorters in the sub depot in watford kick parcels around the floor and throw parcels into cages from up to 15 feet away. I cleared my name and am now employed by another home delivery service.

  23. @paulj1886

    I hope you got substantial all got substantial compensation for their incompetence.

    To be fair, though, being scapegoated is not rare or unusual. It’s a modern management technique used by managers to get rid of excess labour – and it’s endemic throughout all categories of business.

  24. LOL not common practice for them to throw them over anything they can? I laughed at that obviously hasn’t seen an epic news article when some useless courier somehow got a parcel stuck in someone gutter, how the heck it got up there’s beyond me.

    I am actually having them investigated potentially by the police if a retailers unable to resolve a serious criminal dispute with them.

    Should be pretty amusing the response, I am not exactly any kind of push over, what they did to me verbally is basically a hate crime incident.

  25. After reading through all the previous complaints, I wish I had had the sense to do so before
    I embarked upon sending some 60 shipments. At least 3 of the 60 have proved troublesome.
    The last and most recent really takes the biscuit.
    The item was an I Pad which was being sent to a repairer to replace a chipped screen, it still worked fine but was not new and in view of this I only insured for £100. I paid £427
    My Hermes so called tracking system seemed to cease working after the item arrived at their
    North London depot. The delivery courier denied getting it for delivery, and the item could “Not be Found” in the depot. Unknown to all was that the item contained tracking software.
    It was located, working in Abbots Langley Herts. !!! My Hermes had no track of it leaving their depot. !!!
    The Police were informed and checked for themselves that it was working online. they decided this was sufficient to warrant a house- to- house enquiry, in the area and issued a crime number. Meanwhile MY Hermes would not answer many emails, denied failing to deliver per contract, denied a duty of care to the item or to the sender by allowing it to leave their premises, untracked. There is obviously a thief at work in My Hermes organisation.

    My Hermes promise to resolve in 15 days has now been stretched to 8 weeks but we are hopeful of recovering our insurance , which we paid extra for, sometime soon.

    On Police advice the Ipad was “Locked” in line with the Manufacturers recommendation,
    and now contains a standing message to the effect the I Pad is Stolen.

    My Hermes are quite happy to lose several customers here myself and 3 family member who used to use them regularly, AND ANYONE ELSE I CAN CONVINCE NOT TO USE THEM

    For a final laugh people should read the Customer Service Manager Dawn Redman’s blog about her department. How its ALL DELEGATED but the implication is, she won’t get involved “Or Get her hands dirty”. WHAT AN OUTFIT – Fred Karno had a better army.

    Peter Miles

  26. I am pulling my hair out with My Hermes.
    I sent an item to an Ebay buyer which never arrived.
    Submitted a claim and was told that I would get a refund over a month ago…which has never arrived into my bank account.
    They won’t answer my emails and I have been promised twice from live chat that the issue is being looked into and they would contact me within 48 hours. (Also never happened)
    I am now considering taking them to the small claims court and informing Watchdog of their shoddiness.

  27. Stumbled across this thread while trying to find where I can complain about Hermes I.e trading Standards .
    Where do I begin , sent a collectable item via Hermes to my EBay customer , paid for it to be signed for and insured it .
    Delivery was attempted once and then the courier signed for it and said he had handed it over to a little girl standing outside the recipients property .
    He then said this little girl had put the package into a Wendy house in the persons garden as they were not in .
    Buyer contacted me to see where item was so I let them know , they were surprised as no note left and they did not have a Wendy House and their neighbours on either side had no kids , so who was this little girl .
    After lots of annoying calls to the Bradford depot and customer service ect I was still no clearer as to what had happened .
    Finally buyer was left a hand written note on a dirty scrap of paper from courier saying he had left it nowhere near where she lived with someone else and that he was sorry , his handwriting matched signature .
    I called back and asked for an investigation to be carried out on him and they said that this was not the first time this had happened with him as he was a covering courier , he was asked to retrieve item but conviently could not remember where he left it , when my buyer went to the adress he had written on note the people pat adress had never been left anything and they did not seem like the sort of people to lie .
    I can’t begin to tell you how annoyed I am and how disappointed my buyer is , I filed for compensation but they are offering me £20 + postage even though it appears their courier has taken the item and they have not followed their own procedures , I’m appealing this and have been advised to contact Carol Woodhead CEO of Hermes , which I have done .
    Not holding my breath as I’ve read online that she rarely responds , which brings me to really take this further and report them but I’m having trouble finding anyone to deal with the matter .
    Contacted Leeds council as that’s where the buisness is based , if anyone has been successful in reporting them please let me know as they shouldn’t be aloud to keep doing this .

  28. May I add my item was worth over three times the compensation being offered not to mention all the phone calls and time wasted 🙁

  29. And another parcel left on an insecure doorstep …

    Whatever regulator, ombudsman or other authority controls ths inept company’s licence – please withdraw it. They don’t deserve it.

  30. Myhermes still haven’t sorted there act out. I sent a well packaged parcel from Manchester to London only to find that the contents were damaged when received in London. There were 3 puncture holes on the side of the box and the contents were broken.

    I would not recommend myhermes to anyone and wouldn’t use them again!!!!

  31. I have sent over 300 parcels through hermes in the past 2 years and I also am a regional manager for 20 convenience stores of which 7 are parcelshops and in the past 3 months we have seen parcel activity drop by 15% dispite the buisness increasing by 22% in those shops, if my personal experiances are the nomal no wonder
    They have lost 4 of my sent parcels and lost 2 ofthe ordered parcels in the past 2 months and I can tell you why as I have had parcels delivered at 9pm and left half out of the letter box delivered by a taxi driver, another delivered at 10pm by a 10 year old who through it into the porch and run off
    Totally unprofesional and I am using Royal mail now and wouldnt ever consider them at all

  32. Hermes are a total sham, I have just quit working for them as a so called self employed courier, I always left parcels in a safe dry location out of sight and built up a Good relationship with my customers, unfortunately Hermes will never change they treat their couriers like garbage and with no respect, eventually it will all come back on them, all I can say is stay away from them.

  33. Unsurprisingly i m having a tussle with Hernes they are refusing to pay up on a package containing car headlamps that were well packaged and according to the recipient the box had been rough handled . This was again on the Ireland route .

  34. Just so people know, I work for Hermes in a Sub Depo, now I personally really care for people parcels, but unfortunately the company as a whole do not, its sad to be honest that the way their system works is stupid. The way they throw their parcels about is discusting too, I seen a courier come and collect a 42 Samsung 3d smart tv and the courier just threw in the van like it was nothing. Avoid using hermes for valuable parcels, things like letters and video games or dvds (if people still buy dvds) would be the only reason i would use my hermes for, but in reality I would most rather use Royal Mail.

  35. I use Hermes fairly regularly and have no problems with their delivery
    personnell……..but then if I was sending an item of glass I would buy a roll of
    “FRAGILE – GLASS” and put a good bit of it on the parcel and then unlike
    Alisons case the item would arrive safe…..I dont mind items being trown over my fence
    in my absence if it was fragile I would note it……………………..Alison wants it both ways.

  36. My item was wrapped in bubble wrap, and in a Jiffy bag, with fragile written on it …. didn’t make a difference when it was thrown over a 7 foot fence! My objection is that “delivery” should never ever mean lobbing it over a fence just because the person isn’#t at home.

  37. First time using myhermes, package stated to be delivered on the day but no response. 2 days later get email stating parcel was oversize, which it wasnt, but I paid extra anyway. Then package goes “missing”. It went “missing” from hermes and their “local courier”. 1 week later and nothing, think I have just lost hundreds of pounds and it’s clear there are staff in my hermes stealing items. I will never use them again.

  38. Being informed yesterday by email that our parcel had arrived my wife asked if I had signed for it – I had not. Following the link it showed signed for at 19:36 when we were both home. Established this morning Hermes do not want any responsibility for Customer Care but fob one off on the suppler of the goods. It being present from my wife I decide to contact Hermes – I found a 0800 number which was for Hermes but Diane who answered to phone lied and said it was not Hermes – she deliberately attempted to mislead me – hope this is not part of Hermes corporate governance. Worst fulfil many experience ever – what a disgraceful organisation and staff too. Never again – stay away every one.
    The driver are not trained professionals and the Company , as stated above, does not want to deal with recipients – what a rubbish and scam outfit.

  39. Sadly I have had 2 similar experiences with my Hermes this week. One parcel contained a lacquered humidor box worth £180 – I posted it to my eBay customer and it arrived with four fractures – despite being well packed and labelled as fragile. I Also sent a box of Christmas presents to my sister – (signed for) they were not at home , so the courier threw the box over an 8 foot high gate onto the driveway – after several hours, during which it rained,my sister came home and the drive gates opened automatically, crushing the by now soggy parcel between the gate and the wall. When I checked my Hermes account the parcel shows as “delivered, signature received ” lying buffoons.

  40. I had the same problem a 7ft fence & my hermes dont want to know

  41. Wow Alison what a carry on you have had, I came across your story and it reads like a good book you cant put it down, its been a dreadful horrible mess for you. I used to work for parcel companys loading up and delivering parcels, and there is a lot of chancers out there, and as some parcels get damaged on the long haul big lorries, sqeazing in pallets, to get the doors and side curtains shut. thats before they even get to the vans, So things can be broken before it got into the hands of that idiot…it no excuse i would say he definitely did the damage with his basket ball skills…………Well i only came on this site looking for a customer help line number which i just cant find any where on the Hermes pages and then i found a phone number from one of your above letters 0330 333 6556 so great i phoned it and its a machine saying refer your complaints back to the company that sent the parcel.Well the thing is, i have just opened my parcel expecting a makita drill battery and was surprised to find somebodys elses order inside, Its my address but not my name its a an expensive phone power pack for recharging when away home.So all i wanted was somebody at Hermes to send the van back and get this to its proper owner. (god im needing a lye down after this).

  42. I had the exact same problem. Customer was out so the driver through the box clearly marked FRAGILE over a 6 foot fence which shattered the item. No compensation!

  43. @Ronnie

    Hermes is correct. Their contract is with the sender – not the recipient.

    In this case they can hardly be responsible for an incorrectly addressed parcel. You’ll need to inform the supplier/seller so they can ship the correct goods. They may want the wrongly despatched items returned. If so, ask them to arrange for them to be collected by a courier. You shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake. If they don’t want them back – you got lucky and you are still entitled to your drill (or a full refund).

  44. Same here!

    Food items parcel sent as an Xmas gift at the end of November to Brighton area. When I rang early December to ask if they liked it…no record of it having been received! So the saga begins…..

    Ten weeks later. Probably eight or communications with MyHermes. Still getting no where. One service adviser says one thing, another says another. The escalation contact number appears to go straight to the juniors still. And their pure incompetance.

    Yes, I’d paid for the compensation. Yes, they had a ‘signature’ albeit a squiggle relating to no-one.

    Still, they seem uninterested in paying out.

    Absolutely rubbish!!!!!

  45. So my pain began on Tuesday when a delivery that I was expecting had not turned up.

    I had a tracking number and on checking I was surprised to see that they had attempted to deliver twice. Now I was not surprised it had not been delivered as nobody is home during working hours in the week, but surprised that I had not recieved a calling card.

    So I went on their online chat and talked to a completely useless individual who completely ignored my opening question and took 20 mins to tell me exactly what I had seen myself on the tracking page… I explained that I had not recieved a calling card and requested that I reschedule the delivery for Saturday when I would be in. They sadly dont have this flexibility and even though I told her the courier would have a wasted trip, she told me that the courier would attempt again on the Wednesday and that if I did not recieve it, then it would go back to sender. She also explained that contrary to their FAQs she could not contact the courier on my behalf.

    Wednesday came, according to tracking, the courier had tried again (but again no calling card) and the package was returned to the sender who is now £18 out of pocket as they need to send with another courier.

    The biggest pain came with the corresponding complaint I raised with Hermes. They were completely unhelpful and all they could do was confirm the following

    1) If you are in a household where the occupants are out during the day and if the 1st delivery attempt is a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, then your parcel will end up going back to Sender
    2) Hermes simply dont reschedule. They will attempt to deliver 3 days running and if they cant deliver then tough
    3) They will talk to the courier your behalf, but it does not cover rescheduling
    4) for H&S reasons, I cant pick up the parcel from a depot

    Interestingly the courier claimed they left 2 calling cards which were apparently scanned but this is a complete lie. I seriously doubt the courier made any or all of the 3 attempts to deliver.

    As a result I have e-mailed their Head of Customer Service and have requested that they do not accept any contracted deliveries to my address. Their whole model is flawed and are not fit to provide a courier service.

  46. I read your comments with interest as Hermes has just manage to “lose” a bicycle that they were delivering for me. They do not seem to be a very professional company despite what they say in their ads I would not use them again.

  47. First time using hermes and wish i had nown this Earlier First package arrived completely shattered despite being packaged very well so i think the do this on purpose.


  48. Yep, myhermes really are the pits.
    I arranged for a pick up on Saturday 12th of June/16, waited in all day for nothing.
    When I called Monday for an explanation I was given the same rhetoric as my fellow complainers “the courier attempted”. Pathetic.
    And today I have had to refund £106 to a seller as the item delivered was broken, it wasn’t when I photo’d the item to post on ebay or when packaged for pick up, the item was a facial tanner, glass, so I doubt I will see that money again.
    I wont use myhermes, in fact I’ve just changed all my items to be sold on ebay to Parcelforce.

  49. well well well if only i had seen these messages first.. i sure as hell would not have used myhermes. i sent some parcels via hermes two have been broken and one has still not been delivered after nearly 2 weeks, when i sent items i was under the understanding my items was covered but when i look to see if my items are covered GUESS what there not covered. they state all items that are not covered which is practicely every thing you could possibly think of SO WHAT IS COVERED ? can any one tell me .. im so so dissapointed about this… what a liberty… so i have to give money back to buyers im the one left out of pocket will never ever ever used this company again its day light robbery and the sooner people realise this the better .ONE PISSED OFF CUSTOMER and thanks for nothing from wendy woo

  50. I have had the same problem with this delivery service!!I had to track my item as it hadent been delivered to the person I sent it to! &found out they had smashed it in the depot&then they sent me claims form to fill in. then I got an email saying they are not obliged to reimburse me!as it was on there check list for fragile items but I clearly told them that my item was not glass or China!!&was not fragile!so does any one know how I would get my money back???

  51. I too have had several issues with Hermes both as a buyer and a seller. 3 parcels I sent via Hermes were all damaged (perhaps like others had been thrown over a fence?) but fortunately the recipients were understanding and I refunded their purchase price. The other time is now where I am awaiting a parcel to be delivered to my work and they have apparently tried 4, yes 4!! times already which I know to be fictitious as I waited early in the office car park on one of the days and no one other than my colleagues turned up.

    I will never use them again and request sellers not to either now even if I have to pay a few pence / pounds extra for a safer proper courier!

  52. used hermes a few times but will never again,they lost a 18 inch square parcel and contacting there complaints system (in india) is almost non existant and takes forever and my dog has more sense than the people at other end of line,by the time you have got any sort of sense from them your time limit is up so your claim is void

  53. Been using Hermes for years and never had a problem. Sold many items on eBay varying from Phone accessories – games consoles. I decided to send an iPhone worth £250 and thought because I’ve never had issues with Hermes I could trust them. Guys, please DONT USE HERMES AT ALL!!! They have lost my phone (lost!?!) more like someone has stolen it knowing the contents. I really should have went with my gut and not used them at all. In the process of claiming, but I can garantee it will go nowhere!

  54. Hermes are not doing very well at this time not very well at all. I would not in any event put my trust in Hermes. They have been once to collect a consignment & yet there is a statement on their system that says the item does not want collecting ! I have spent a lot of time now re this simple pickup for delivery. Their website is lacking in common sense that is open to things going awry. This company may well go bust at any time because there are numerous
    serious complaints confirmed on the internet. Days have now passed but no reply to a letter I have sent them in Leeds but I think their offices would be locked and barred should anyone fancy a face to face interview. It may be worth noting by prospective customers that even the couriers phone in has a queue that seems to be as long as infinity.

  55. No company is immune from the small claims court here in the UK. I have faith in that system
    because I had an instance that caused me to take a couple to court but my solicitor advised me against it due to both being cops. He was the finest litigation solicitor in the area.
    I won and they had to pay my costs and interest that was a very small amount but it was the principal was it not. The amount you would be out of pocket is not to be sniffed at & I would hang onto a claim for that phone cost like a polecat on a rabbit as it never lets go until the rabbit is dead. My claim was for much much less than your cost so do not give up because if you have proof that you are telling the truth and the other party is lying or cannot prove they are correct then you will get that money and rightly so. Keep going and never give way.

  56. I have not heard from the disgraceful Hermes company apart from incident numbers which they do nothing about =no action whatsoever. Does anyone there know what is going on re their customers because there are 87 of their customers this minute waiting to converse
    with the live chat person which I found to be futile. Lets hope that like us disgruntled and furious customers of Hermes stop using them and that company goes bust tut suit.

  57. I should have received a parcel on Saturday 22nd October 2016 that their tracking said would come that day. I received a tracking message to say it had been posted through letterbox at 1556. At that exact time I was sitting in my vehicle facing the gate where the letter box was fixed, and no delivery was made then or since. In any case how could they put a 10 kilos of Epson salts through the letterbox? I have complained but no resolve as to where my goods are. The one previous other time I received a delivery from them (Wednesday 16.7.14) it was chucked over a 6ft gate into my next door neighbour’s driveway. I was told they “can’t discuss a parcel from a retailer”

  58. I would not pay Hermes by any other payment method other than Paypal because Paypal ahve a system in place that may not be 100% all of the time if it is proven that any supplier fails to
    do what they should do as per a contract the money paid to a supplier can be challenged in a dispute. Paypal will evaluate if a supplier is doing what it should do and no doubt will act on
    that information. Suppliers know that and for starters I could not for the life of me contact
    Hermes to enable something constructive to be done re my delivery yet within 4 hrs of starting a dispute against them I was contacted by Hermes customer service by a direct email. Once that link is established a customer can at least converse with someone who can do something. These customer service operatives however can be very cheeky but is up to the Paypal customer to escalate a claim if they feel it necessary………. The old saying is MONEY TALKS which is appropriate in every bit of business carried out in the world.

  59. I was told by a Hermes courier that some couriers purposely state delivery attempt made even though there was no attempt, they may do this several times with the same item, because they get paid for an attempted delivery as well as a successful one . They do this back home on their PC and it will come through on the tracking, all you can do is complain forcibly to the company you bought the item from and ask them to contact Hermes and ask them what is going on, which I did and it worked, after leaving lie after lie on the tracking the Hermes driver suddenly turned up on a Sunday with my parcel, so obviously it works.

  60. My parcel was sent 28/11/16. Online tracking advised will receive 1/12/16, this then changed to 2/12/16, then changed to 3/12/16. Then on 3/12 I check the tracking and advises delivered on 2/12/16 at 2140 and signed for by me!
    Well i was just getting ready for bed at this time so I was home and noone knocked on my door plus there website states they only deliver untill 2000 so whos signed for my parcel and where the heck is it.
    Tried emailing and days later still no reply, cant use 16 digit number as states its not valid but it works to track the parcel and theres no phone number that gets through to a real person.
    What a sorry state of a company
    I will definitely not be ever ordering anything from any business that uses hermes for there deliveries again.

  61. Try calling Hermes customer service on 03303334796. It worked for me!!

  62. well where do i begin . bereft of a parcel at the moment and 90 quid owt of pocket apparently my parcel was signd for by me and i have received it …i dont think so . foolishly i thought that ebay would re emburse me but no its left to me to be detective .i wont let it lie its theft of my boys christmas prescent and ninety quids an amount i can ill afford grrrrrr

  63. I AM NEVER BUYING OFF A COMPANY THAT USES HERMES TO DELIVER AGAIN. TKMAXX, BookPeople and ASOS have all given packages to be delivered to me to Hermes. None have been delivered despite the courier updating the tracker to say items delivered at 20:30 and 21:39 for 2 of the parcels. The 3rd is simply lost. Numerous calls to the retailers and also chat/email to Hermes has resulted in NOTHING BEING DONE. Hermes wont deal with me and retailers having received a claim code are not interested. All items I ordered as presents are no longer in stock. The 2 items (for me) that are in stock have been re-issued by BookPeople and ASOS and once again sent through Hermes. Tracker now updated to say the packages have been delivered to a secure location. What is a secure location????

  64. Deplorable
    I sent a lecreuset tagine in as new condition carefully packaged in the original box but with extra bubblewrap and polystyrene peanuts.
    This was then put into another larger box more bunnlewrap, another layer of peanut cushioning and the heavy duty large cell bubble protectors.
    The buyer was horrified when it arrived shattered, even the original polystyrene packing was in pieces. She said with the amount of packaging and the care taken that something catastrophic just have happened to the parcel.

    Guess what….it’s not covered. You have got to wonder why apart from money grabbing do they offer insurance at all. These items are £220 new, I sold it for £86 and £10.50 to Hermes. A big hit fir me to take at this time of Year.
    I sushi I could claim through the small claims for unfair exclusions

  65. dreadful company bought a hd gaming monitor for my son from ebay on the 8th december tracking said out for delivery for 10 days seller has now been told item was damaged on 16th and not informed luckily for me he refunded my 80.00 they should be investigated by damaged they mean stolen i will never purchase anything if hermes is the courier bunch of theiving w******s

  66. Ppl remember these guys get paid 50p per pacage parcel , hermes don’t pay hourly nor insurance , you have to use your own car.Fuel etc . Most of them not happy working like a dog.

  67. Received message from Myhermes to tell me that my parcel was ‘successfully delivered to a secure location’ at a time (evening) when I and my family were at home. We have not received a parcel.

    Unable to contact Hermes by any means whatsoever. Helpline only found through googling directly directly, but when called it simply re-directs you to their website or your retailer. Enter details for web chat and I am told that my parcel is not a myhermes parcel. Checked the entered details 5 times, definitely correct.

    Call my retailer. They tell me that myhermes always redirects customers to them and is unwilling to handle queries themselves. Am told they will contact myhermes for me and that I may get a response in 48 hours. If not then to call back.

    I thought that online retailing was a growing market? Not like this it isn’t. I ordered online because it was more convenient that going to a shop, but spending an hour handling a parcel ‘lost’ by myhermes is very inconvenient . I won’t be ordering from any retailer that uses myhermes ever again.

    This is what happens when organisations operate ‘on the cheap’.

  68. I am having exactly the same problem, 2 failed deliveries to my EBay customer and no calling cards left. My 3rd attempt at delivery was promised by 8pm tonight…Apparently my parcel is nowhere to be seen. My customer has been waiting at home for 3 days and now wants a refund!! I have spent the last 2 days logging complaints with Hermes only to be told it will be delivered today between 8am and 8pm, no attempt to ring the customer to check when they will be at home, why waste each others time and fuel going backwards and forward ?! Same issue with a parcel that was returned to me last year, when will they ever learn. Still none the wiser with my current parcel but I will be taking it further. Ombudsman is a good word.

  69. I’m told someone signed for a parcel on the 6/2/2017 at 2 pm from my house , impossible I live alone and not home from work till 7 pm , so I asked for the name of the person who signed for it as they must of broken in to my house and I’m sure the police would be more than happy if I gave them a name
    They put phone down on me so I will be going to there site in low moor no matter what they say there a joke please DONT use these

  70. Hermes!!! OMG!! How this company is still in business is beyond me! Years ago we had a hermes delivery driver who would put her tel no on her card & redeliver your parcel at a suitable time. But not now! Oh no!! The driver doesn’t even put a name on the card.
    We have had umpteen parcels thrown over our 6ft back fence come rain or shine, with a card through letterbox saying parcel delivered to our chosen safe place!! Really??!! We would NEVER tell anyone our garden is a safe place, because it’s not!! The whole garden can be seen from the back wall. There have been cards left with no parcel found in garden so many times that one company actually refuses to deliver to my address now, simply because it’s not considered to be safe!! This is most likely due to the fact that Hermes have left a card saying parcel over back fence, it’s not, and the company have either refunded me or redelivered via another courier. It’s absolutely shocking that when you contact or try to contact hermes you get absolutely nowhere! Other delivery companies allow you access to a telephone number or online delivery service that allows you to reschedule your delivery or arrange to collect from a local pick up point.
    We will never ever voluntarily use Hermes!!

  71. Yea Hermes are rubbish. Waited for a parcel all day yesterday from eBay. I regularly checked the tracking due these kinds of reviews. Anyway at 16:16 they apparently attempted delivery but I was in it was only 16:30 when I checked the tracking. It’s now updated to attempted delivery at 18:20.

  72. Hermes sent me an email saying that ‘my goods had been lost in thier system’ and the empty packaging that had been sent to my customer ‘had been returned by the courier and destroyed at the depot’.
    The goods were fully insured at extra cost. So, I get my money back though the insurance I paid for, you would think.
    I can’t even get a claim form after an hour on their chatline and a 3 or 4 emails..
    It’s clear to me that the goods, golf club shafts, were stolen in one of the depots. Its clear to me that I have next to no chance of seeing my goods again or getting my money back.
    The Directors of this Company should be in jail.

  73. I have supposedly had an attempted delivery by Hermes today at 14.22 NO attempt has been made. We have been in our front garden since 11am and went in the house at 15.15. We also have camera footage that no vehicle with the exception of my daughter in law has been up our drive. Talking on live chat was absolutely useless.. no one wants to acknowledge that the courier blatantly lied on the tracking.. spoke to my retailer who only has same info regarding tracking. They tell me they intend to try delivery again in 24 hrs but according to Hermes live chat it will be 26th May over a weeks time. Furious. . The retailer is going to lose business… and heaven help anyone who trusts Hermes. The blatantly lie
    Disgraceful and not the first time this has happened..

  74. I too am having problems on 4 occasions they have delivered to wrong address twice i got my parcels back from the occupant the other 2 were left at their door and stolen. yet MyHermes insist that my parcels have been signed for and delivered yet i was at home. I can get no satisfaction from them at all and am left out of pocket. would never use Myhermes again and wont buy off sellers who use them

  75. I have now seen the giant list of things that myhermes will not pay compensation for even if it is lost or stolen , it practically covers every item from china , kitchen goods musical instruments, jewellery and loads more items , so in effect to staff and delivery drivers help yourselves because we will not pay compensation.

  76. Wow… never before have I had to ensure such a level of incompetence from a courier company.

    Firstly they put a card through your door that you cannot use to track your delivery on their website you need the code which only the sender has…

    Secondly there is no option to reorganise a delivery on their website.

    Web chat is fine but only available until 8pm… when you get to speak to someone “there is nothing we can do you have to speak to the sender” how the hell is the sender going to reorganise a delivery they don’t know my working pattern, what is the need to go through them?

    Tracking option on the website gives a different response to that of their customer services number as to the location of a parcel, WTF??? How hard is it to have two systems talking to the same database give the same answer.

    If you use the email us link to contact them to reorganise a delivery…. they just ignore it.

    Then after complaining the website states out for delivery and 18 minutes later failed delivery… funny I was at home over that period and no doorbell rang and no card was left.

  77. I’ve just waded through all the comments regarding Hermes, and have a similar story to refusing to pay out compensation for a lost parcel, which according to their tracking is still out for delivery from 7th September 2017. I sent some unused Printer Ink cartridges, which funny enough originally arrived via My Hermes courier to my address, to a friend in Manchester, they did not arrive and after 15 days I submitted a claim form, only to be told that the ink was a prohibited item and therefore no compensation would be paid out as I should not have sent them, I still have not had an answer as to why they were delivered by them in the first place to me.

  78. Oh my gosh. Just booked a pickup & delivery with myhermes today and already so many problems and stress right from the start with this company.
    First issue: I paid via paypal (one of their payment options at check out) payment went through, money sent and confirmed received from paypal but it resulted ”unpaid” on their website. Another email from paypal stating that they haven`t processed the payment yet but money was taken from my account. I went on their online chat, after waiting for over 10 minutes we talked to a completely useless guy called ”Amaan”, who completely ignored our opening question and took more than 15 minutes to tell us he did not understand the issue despite everything having been explained to him from A to Z with details, payment screenshot and info provided .. He fobbed me off with repeated useless answers. Asked to escalate the issue to their head office, he took another 5 minutes to send me a code number stating he would escalate the issue to another department, not sure if ‘Amaan’ did this or not.
    Second issue:
    When I arranged the pickup/deliv. on their website, I thought myhermes would have recorded my personal data during my booking – Instead nothing ! Tried to re- log into my account to check for updates, the website did not recognise my password and my email address. (both of which were entered correctly). Guess what.. ” Amann” did not help on this one too !
    Concluding, I have so far lost my money, cannnot check my account because of their faulty website, no pickup or delivery on their schedule as they haven`t processed my order but they took my money anyway. Shame on them. I would not be using this company again.

  79. I had choosen to use myhermes as a delivery company for my ebay sellings and for a personal handmade book Id made for my partner for Christmas which took me 3 months to make, all handmade paper, hand bound and a lot of love and care and an item which no monetary value could be out against. On the 8 items I have sent, 5 have now gone missing. They have been collected but then that’s as far as they get. If you are in the Staffordshire area near use this company. An Internal investigation is currently under way to see which member of staff of currently stealing. Pay the bit extra and send Royal Mail, I’ve really learnt the hard way.

  80. This so called delivery company gave me a tracking number for my parcel, so I tracked it only to find my parcel was attempted to be delivered and sorry I was not in, no card through my door nothing. when I complained that no one had attempted to deliver to my address the lady said not to worry they will attempt to deliver it again on the 25th of December. Hermes must have santa clause working for them. Totally useless lying company. Hope they go bust because there not fit for purpose.

  81. My experience with Hermes is that expensive items like Ipods and phones go missing more than run of the mill items. I have used them many times and had recently an Ebay purchase of an Ipod go missing. I think it was probably stolen either at the local depot or by the courier. I will make a compensation claim and hopefully recoup some of the money back.

  82. Wow, thank god I’ve found this site, if you ever need someone to campaign to stop everyone using Hermes, I’m your man !!!
    They really are the most unprofessional, incompetent, ignorant company I’ve ever had to deal with and that’s only as a recipient !!!
    How on earth are they still in business ?
    I can’t address my own experiences on here because it would take too long and to be honest I’ve only just finished my therapy sessions to calm me down !!
    So my message to everyone out there, give HERMES a huge miss they are rubbish !

  83. I had a parcel stolen by this dispicable company and have known other people
    who have also. After contacting Hermes on their messenger service online
    ,as it is the only way you can , ‘mohamed’ said he would contact driver for
    evidence. I told him I would like a copy to show police …he said nothing more
    and gave some pathetic excuse to end message service. Three days later I
    recieved a text off the seller of my item, saying look at this video message
    and another giving a code to enter to access it. I tried it and nothing happened.
    I spoke to the seller the next day and he informed me that he never sent this
    text message.When I realised this i looked at the text thread and saw that it had
    put links to previous text messages and one after I got this bug/virus. I have noticed
    it has gone onto other contacts text messages and numbers. I now know this is
    called spoofing where someone enters phone numbers of two people and hides
    their identity under the one number,usually the sender. This has to have come
    from Hermes as they have mine and the sellers numbers and no one else does.
    I have noticed odd links on texts and dont use the service and have complained
    to virgin ‘on the ridiculous’ mobile to no avail. I have now made a report to the
    police cyber squad as I take this as A THREAT / DATA OFFENCE. I would strongly
    urge anyone to avoid this company like the plague . The are riddled with this
    across all their crooked set up in an unregulated market . They are under
    investigation by H.M.R.C. for illegal pay like Uber and other shit companies.
    If eveyone complains to the media ombudsman police and anything else
    about this set up they will hopefully get their uk licence taken off them.
    Hope to see them loosing in U.K.courts like uber as soon as the messenger to
    mars can get them there !……………..

  84. I received the e-mail from my Hermes telling me my parcel had been delivered and signed for. O getting home and having checked with both of my neighbours and having a good look around the house (They have previously left items in my Wheelie Bin or just out in the rain behind flower pots). There was no card in the post box to say it had been delivered or left with anyone either. Having tried to call my Hermes their automated system just tells you to go online and then cuts you off, I resorted to going online with their online chat service. I was told that they could not discuss the matter for contractual reasons as I was not the sender. Having given them all f my details in the log in form they asked for them all again. I argued that if they had a signature for the delivery then I would like to see a copy to find out who had signed for it. After a few minutes I was told that the signature received was scanned in error. I tried to apply logic with them that in that if the courier had been able to scan the parcel then he or she must have had it in their possession an that being the case where the hell did they leave it? After a few moment the chat window went blank. I refreshed the page and entered my details again, this time asking to speak to a supervisor. I was connected to the same person (Or at least the same name), as the first time and yet despite having chatted to me only a few minutes previously, they appear to have forgotten all of my details and I was asked all of the same questions including the reason for my call. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said I was chatting to an automated response service and considered going for the Turin test at one point. Needless to say after 40 minutes I have got no nearer to finding out where my parcel is, why they claim they delivered it when quote clearly they didn’t despite my protestations their tracking system still shows it as having been delivered successfully. I have now contacted the seller to inform him of Hermes’s incompetence. I will no longer accept any more goods supplied to me if the sender chooses to use My Hermes as their delivery method as from EVERY delivery I have supposed to have had from them not one has made it without issues.

  85. This is the worst company ever!!!! I give one start but they deserve ZERO! They had not only delivered my parcel to the wrong address, they LIED to me when I contacted UP TO 4 times their awful costumer service CHAT (because in the line number you are directed to a machine, no option to talk to people). They said they will contact me once the retailer contact them to arrange another delivery AND THAT NEVER HAPPENED. IT WAS ME, WHO HAD TO TALK WITH THE RETAILER TO GET MY MONEY BACK BECAUSE OF THEIR INCOMPETENCE!

  86. NEVER use this company or Shutl via Ebay again

    Sent a phone via them got to Maidstone depot and promptly lost it , i presume stolen by the thieves who work there.

    now have to refund the buyer in full who refused the extra postage cost to have sent by Recorded delivery .

  87. I buy a lot on Ebay and due to the same issues as other commentators I actively avoid buying from any seller who states ‘other courier’ (euphemism for Hermes) as the delivery method. However, what can you do about sellers who state Royal Mail and then send by Hermes? Sellers lie about their courier all the time, and if you leave neg feedback for this they whine and say you’re being unfair – then get Ebay to remove the neg feedback, so no future customers can be warned of this practise. We seem to be stuck with Hermes until they bite the dust. Beats me how they stay in business with so many dissatisfied customers. Here’s hoping they crash and burn before too much longer.

  88. Hermes, delivered parcel to wrong address, impossible to contact, have no idea where my parcel is. Give these clowns a wide berth

  89. I’m going through their hellish customer service right now. I was promised a delivery 10 days ago and im still fighting to get it. There was only one attempt at delivery. Since then the website just keeps saying it needs “an action” on my part because it cannot deliver to this address. I’ve had plenty of parcels delivered there, I have no idea why they can’t! And I’m in northern Ireland too, which leads me to believe that their service here is especially bad…

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