Not so ornamental after all

I’ve been suffering a lot with tinnitus lately, which is proving to be a bit of a problem – I’ve been deaf in one ear since I was 3 so any noise on the other side, my only working ear, is very distracting. I saw the doctor and had an appointment today with the nurse for an audiogram; I’ve also been using ear drops as the doc said there was a lot of wax in there. Anyway, the nurse had a look and said the wax was still there and did I fancy a syringe, so I went for it – the tinnitus hasn’t stopped but my hearing is clearer, definitely. Then she did the audiogram, which went okay – it was funny actually, at one point I kept presing the button because there was a regular low noise, until eventually I stopped and realised it was my phone vibrating in my bag!!! Apparently I also heard the bell in reception and the nurse said my hearing in my left ear is excellent. She asked if it was worth testing the right ear and I said I doubted I’d hear anything – I was told I had 90% hearing loss there, not enough to amplify with a hearing aid –  it was only there for ornamental purposes but why not. So we did the test again and …. I could hear some of the beeps! Not all of them, only the louder ones, but I could definitely hear things with my right ear. Amazing!!! Really weird …

Anyway, I’m seeing the doctor again on Thursday and the nurse reckons he’ll refer me to ENT for the tinitus, but she’s going to recommend that he syringes my right ear, just in case that will increase the range of sounds I can hear. All very strange!!

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