O2 Joggler: touch-screen device to organise family life.

O2 – O2 Joggler: touch-screen device to organise family life..

I have to say I’m quite tempted by the O2 Joggler. I’m not the most organised of people and tend to use the calendar on my phone a lot – but it’s not immediately in view and I’m hopeless at remembering which day my son needs to take PE kit or when I need to be sending birthday cards. The Joggler, with its built in calendar that every member of the family can access,  looks like the ideal device to help me organise myself, so long as I could find somewhere to put it where I’d actually remember to look at it! It would also take the place of the CD/radio in my kitchen, as it has radio and a music facility, and I could put some photos on there and have it as a digital photo frame. Add to that scrolling news and sport, traffic news, weather … sounds perfect.

I’m not about to rush out and buy one just yet though, for several reasons. First, the price tag – £150 – is prohibitive – after all, this is a souped up noticeboard and that seems like a LOT of money.

Secondly, the calendar seems to be a real problem. At the moment I use the calendar on Outlook, which syncs with both a Google calendar (as a back up) and the calendar on my phone. The o2 calendar is a completely different entity – which would mean either running two calendars (a pain) or switching over to the o2 calendar, which would make running my business more complicated, because everyone I book meetings with does it via Outlook.

Finally, the Joggler is advertised as having radio but reading the small print (in the PDF manual) it appears that they haven’t actually added the internet radio app … seems a bit daft to be distributing the thing and claiming it has radio when actually it doesn’t!

So … the Joggler is definitely something I will be keeping my eye on because it looks like a useful little gadget – but not for me just yet, I’m afraid.

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