Review: The Glass Guardian

The Glass Guardian
The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Following the sudden deaths of her partner, father and beloved aunt in the space of nine months, Ruth moves to the house she inherits on Skye to grieve. However, given the way death seems to follow her around it’s hardly a surprise when things start to go bump in the night … What starts off feeling like a traditional ghost story develops into something much deeper as Ruth comes face to face with two very different friends from her childhood and starts to explore her aunt’s musical career and family history, following an interesting email from a musicologist in Canada.

Set on the beautiful but wild island of Skye in the middle of a snowy winter, this book is beautiful. Ruth is a woman who appears strong yet frighteningly frail at the same tme, and the three men are all flawed yet wonderful. It’s difficult to say more without giving things away so all I will say is read this – it combines Scottish scenery, history, war, love, music and the paranormal in interesting ways that will make you a huge fan of Linda Gillard if you’re not already!

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Glass Guardian”

  1. Thanks for this great review, Alison. So pleased you enjoyed TGG.

    I nearly gave up writing this one a few times because I didn’t think I could make it work!

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