Review: The Redeemer

The Redeemer
The Redeemer by Jo Nesbø
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is the fifth Harry Hole book I’ve read and my least favourite to date. Not sure what it was about this one that I didn’t like – it seemed to start very slowly and I wasn’t fussed abot the whole Salvation Army part of it, I guess it was just something I couldn’t connect with. I also didn’t feel much for any of the characters so when shocking things happened I didn’t get emotionally involved like I usually do. Perhaps its that Hole doesn’t function properly without Rakel in his life that made this feel so downbeat, I don’t know. Anyway, next in the series is The Sowman, which was actually the first book I read by Jo Nesbo – I guess now I know the backstory I’ll have to read it again though!

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