Thing #98 completed – take an online course

When I added this thing to the list I wasn't really sure what I was planning on doing – perhaps a creative writing course, or learning to play the guitar. But then I heard via a Facebook group about Coursera, who were running a course called Pay Attention: ADHD Through the Lifespan – and given that I was just about finishing my book at the time, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to develop my knowledge and understanding of ADHD.

So for the last twelve weeks I've been watching a lecture, taking a quiz and doing additional reading – and today I completed the final lecture of the course. It's been great fun – the lecturer, Dr Anthony Rostain, seemed a bit stuffy at first but showed his humanity several times and I will miss our weekly meetings! I've got a far greater understanding of the neuroanatomy of ADHD and how medication helps, and I feel much more confident talking about the causes of ADHD too.

To pass the course and get a certificate you need 90% … I've just totted up my scores and I have 97%, and I know that your lowest score in one module is disregarded anyway, so while I won't quite make 100% I won't be far off!

To anyone thinking of doing an online course I say go for it. I have already signed up for some more courses with Coursera!


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