Thanks to mark for this link …. the idea of txtbux.co.uk is that you can text any book’s ISBN number to the service and get a message back telling you how much the book is on Amazon.

That’s great for anyone who regularly buys new books, but where I’ll find it useful is in keeping a record of books I’ve seen that I’d like to read – there’ve been so many occasions where I’ve seen a book in the supermarket or Waterstones, haven’t been able to afford it but have scrawled the title and author down on a bit of snotty crumpled tissue or old till receipt so I can look for it in the library or on eBay or (more likely!) on BookCrossing – and have then thrown away the bit of paper. Now I can text the ISBN and get both a text and an email to remind me what that fab-sounding book I saw was called!

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  1. Have you seen http://www.txtfo.co.uk? This takes txtbux to the next level, where you can check out books by their ISBN’s or do a search by SMS. You can also check prices for CDs, DVDs and Electronics (such as digital cameras). It’s free and requires no registration. Cool site.

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