Wear Something Different: Do 3 – Colour Explosion Day

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Colour Explosion Day.

Pile up your most colourful bits, create a vibrant outfit to dazzle the world. Pass this on. Dare a friend to out-shine you!


I tend to rely on black/denim trousers and blue/purple tops so it was quite good to feel compelled to wear something a bit more colourful than I normally go for. I chose a top in a bright blue colour – I love the top though really it’s a little too small for me, but I really enjoyed seeing that bright splash of colour every time I saw myself. However, I also discovered, through this Do, that I don’t own any colourful “bottoms” apart from a hideous orange beach skirt – all my trousers and skirts are black, brown or denim! Maybe I need to do something about that!

(Excuse the grumpy face – having some back problems and in pain and wasn’t feeling very jolly!)


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