What do you call your other half?

The other week Steve took a phone call and then passed it over to me, saying “I’ll just hand you over to my girlfriend.” Nothing wrong with that, of course, but at 41 I’m hardly a girl any more, unfortunately! But it did get me thinking – what actually can you call your other half when you’re no longer teenagers, that doesn’t sound cheesy or too formal?

Girlfriend/boyfriend is sweet but as I said, I feel a bit too old for it, and it also sounds a bit temporary, whereas we’re in it for the long term (I hope!) Partner sounds too business-like. Significant other makes me reach for the sick bucket – as does soulmate or life partner. I tend to describe Steve as “my lovely man” but that’s not always appropriate. Shagpiece? Him indoors? My luvver? No!

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people get married – after all, husband/wife works completely, it lets people know exactly who you’re talking about and what level your relationship is at – which I guess is what I’m looking for.

So go on, tell me – if you’re not married, what do you call your other half?
(Ah other half, that one almost works!)

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5 thoughts on “What do you call your other half?”

  1. I almost always say “other half” even though Im married. Only thing is, it somehow suggests Im not complete without him, which isn’t true!

  2. Husband in person, partner in type. I quite fancy introducing him as shagpiece next time though.

  3. Husband? Have I missed something LOL?? I guess though, where you live, it probably saves a lot of questions and odd looks!

  4. Not keen on other-half for the same reason as Kerry’s. I call him my husband publicly and partner before we got married. Sometimes I refer to him directly as my buddy.

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