Just call me … The Cliffhanger!

As I don’t have a TV here, I spend my evenings (and occasional lunch breaks) either reading, watching stuff I’ve downloaded on Netflix or listening to podcasts. One of my favourite podcasts is “I Made My Girlfriend Watch Wrestling”, which never fails to make me laugh. As regular readers will know, I was a big fan of wrestling back in the day, and have even been to Wrestlemania with my son, so I really love this podcast.

Anyway, the presenters Iain and Bobbie always invite people to leave a review, and in exchange they come up with a wrestling name for the reviewers … so I did. After Bobbie declared my job “cool” they tried a few options before coming up with The Cliffhanger. Love it!

You can listen to the episode (and access the rest of the series) below … or if you just want to hear experience my “christening” in my new guise, scroll along to 18 minutes. But if you have any interest in wrestling – or even if you don’t – why not give the whole thing a listen?!

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