Healthy Living regime week 14

Still following the healthy lifestyle regime and its going really well. Week 12 wasn’t fab as I put on a pound – but that week involved a trip to Thorpe Park and pizza, a trip to the Harry Potter Studios and curry and a three course lunch to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday, so it’s no wonder really ( though I did think all the walking would have helped – but maybe it did, maybe I’d have put more on without it!)

Week 13 saw no loss, no gain. It was an emotional week as I took Katie to university in Sussex and felt somewhat bereft and consumed vast quantities of alcohol to numb the emptiness!

Week 14 and I am back on track. Two pounds lost, whoopee!! That means I have lost 15 pounds in total – I can now officially say I’ve lost over a stone!

Generally I’m finding it pretty easy to do, too. I’m still on 1400 calories a day and 1700 at weekends ( though I tend to have them on Wednesdays and Saturdays as those are our normal pub nights and I know I eat and drink more those days.) The calorie levels are enough to make me stop and think about what I’m eating – do I have crisps now because I feel like it or save the calories in case I’m peckish later, because I can’t have both? – but not so restrictive I actually feel like I’m on a diet. It’s all about making more sensible choices. I’m also really enjoying going to aquafit – I go every Monday and quite often on a Friday morning too, if I can find the time. I’m hoping to start swimming more regularly too, perhaps first thing in the morning.and I keep wondering about trying Zumba, and doing some weights stuff in the gym. I just need to get off my bum and do it and then get into the habit of it.

As well as losing over a stone I’ve noticed a difference in my body too. I’ve lost a couple of inches all over and can get into a pair of jeans I’ve never worn before because they were too small. That makes me very happy! Everything else is starting to feel a bit looser too. It’s very motivating knowing it is actually making a physical difference – especially when a couple of people have told me they can see in my face I’m lighter.

So it’s all good. I’m hoping if I carry on at this rate – which is about a pound week, on average – I can lose another stone before Xmas, and possibly three in total before next spring, when we hope to go back to Egypt. It would make such a difference to be able to fit into a normal size wetsuit if we scuba dive, rather than needing the fatties’ one!


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