More from Sainsbury's Basics range

I did another shop at Sainsbury’s yesterday and bought a few more Basics items – and also remembered a few that I’ve used that I forgot to add yesterday:

Food and drink:

Cooking bacon – this comes in either huge chunks or misshapen slices but is excellent for using in cooking; I often put it in pasta sauces and it’s very tasty and not too fatty either.

Digestive biscuits – I really can’t taste any difference between these and more expensive types, they’re slightly smaller, but that means you can fit them in your coffee mug easier! I’ve also just used these as the base for a cheesecake, I used a couple more than the recipe to compensate for the size but they worked fine.

Mince – I’ve read a lot of negative comments about the Basics mince. it is a little fatty but so long as you drain the fat off once you’ve browned it, that’s not a problem, I’ve always found the meat itself to be tasty. My only criticism would be the size of packet – I prefer buying a full pound of mince rather than 400g and will buy the more expensive options if they’re on special offer or in the reduced section.


Mouthwash – I just bought some Basics mouthwash yesterday. it’s 50p for 500ml and tastes absolutely fine, slightly medicinal but fresh and clean, does the job properly and looks far less artificial as it is clear rather than bright blue or green!

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