Are you stressed out right now? (If so, why? If not, why not?)

At the moment I’m remarkably not stressed out, but I’m pretty sure I will be in the next few weeks. I’m self employed – I do proofreading, web building, editing, writing, magazine production, that type of thing – and some jobs I take on leave me incredibly stressed. In fact, I always sign them off and say “never again” … but of course next time I say yes and end up stressed all over again. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the work itself, because I do, but it involves working with other people, and one of the reasons I went self-employed in the first place was because I don’t cope well with working with other people! Not specific people, just people generally – I like to be able to do my own thing and I get stressed when I have to go along with what other people want, or fit in with other people’s schedules and deadlines. I guess I’m just an anti-social bugger really!

I was due to be starting a project  in the next few days that I’m sure I’ll get in a tizz about – I’d actually stopped taking on any other work to give me time to do it – but it’s been delayed a little, so at the moment I have no work on, to speak of, and I’m incredibly unstressed – but aware that I could be catapulted into stress pretty quickly! I know this is going to be a busy year and I have lots of exciting ideas and projects, many of which will probably be quite stressful at times, so I’m going to wallow in this quiet, stress-less period before the world goes mad!

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