Time Capsule

This entry is prompt #8 of The Book of Me, Written by You project.

Prompt #8 is Time Capsule

1. You can choose who to create the time capsule for as that will influence what you put (or would put into your time capsule)

2. The creation of a time capsule
a. you can do this in the literal sense or
b. you can simply write what you would place into your time capsule and why. It is much more fun to create though!

* You may choose to create a time capsule for your children, or a niece/nephew, for grandchildren โ€“ A physical item that you will give to a named person.

*Why have you chosen that person and when do you intend for them to have it?

*You may choose to create a time capsule of your home and leave it for someone in the future to find.

*You may want to create a time capsule relating to an actual event or anniversary

*If you create a physical time capsule, what did you choose to use as your capsule and why?

Hmm now this one had me flummoxed for a while. I've been looking on this as a writing project so the idea of making something physical was a bit daunting. But I've been thinking about it this evening and have come up with a cunning plan. I won't be able to make my (first) time capsule for a few years yet – in fact I have no idea when I'll start making it, or how many I'll need to make. Because I am going to make time capsules for each of my grandchildren – assuming some come along some time!

I want the time capsules to be a record of my life, and the world in general, on the day each of my grandchildren is born, so on the day (or around the day) of their birth I'll be adding things like:

  • Photo of me and whoever I was living with at the time
  • Photo of my home
  • Postcard or leaflet about the area I'm living
  • Newspaper of the day
  • CD with the number one on the day, or perhaps the top ten
  • DVD with some TV programmes including the news and adverts
  • Best selling book
  • Fashion magazine
  • Some sort of catalogue – IKEA, maybe, or Argos
  • A hand written letter
  • Sweet wrappers/ chocolate bar wrappers etc
  • Technology magazine
  • Some things from nature – pine cones, leaves etc
  • An item of clothing for my grandchild to wear on their 18th birthday
  • An 18th birthday card
  • A piece of jewellery or some special little thing of mine
  • Something I've made/painted myself
  • Coins minted the year of their birth
  • Souvenirs from any special events that year eg Olympics, World Cup
  • Any other bits and pieces I think of!

Once I've created the time capsule I'll label it with the child's name and the date of their 18th birthday, and give it to their parent with strict instructions for it not to be opened until then. And I'll create one for each grandchild …



Photo: Flickr CC / Charles Cartensen


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2 thoughts on “Time Capsule”

  1. Hehe true …. But I can’t imagine 18 year old chocolate would be much good! It’s more to show them what sweets were like … So perhaps Starburst will have changed their name back to Opal Fruits in the next twenty years!

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