Two more things crossed off the list

Yesterday evening my good friend Clare came round for a barbecue and we had a lovely time sitting out in the garden drinking and chatting. The conversation somehow turned to my list and some of the things on it. And when I mentioned #61: Ride in a Convertible Clare smiled and said she could help meet with that one. So this morning we went for a spin in her lovely BMW Z4 with the roof down – and I loved it! Really enjoyed the freedom of having the wind in my hair as we sped along the country roads. So that's something crossed off the list – and something to put on the next list: Own a Convertible!

I've also just joined a book club so that's number 11 completed. The book club is at the museum in Wantage and the first book I've read with them is Andrew Millar's Pure. It's set in France shortly before the Revolution and I didn't think I'd enjoy it because I'm not a fan of historical fiction – but I absolutely loved it, so there's a benefit of being a member of the club, as I would not otherwise have ever read this book! It was really interesting hearing everyone's views on the book and there were some things that I had missed and others I had understood in different ways. Very interesting experience, and I have already ordered the book for next month's meeting!

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